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Cloud CCTV

Intelligent video security
Cloud CCTV 란?

Cloud CCTV is a state-of-the-art CCTV technology in which video is transmitted directly to the server, not the NVR, by incorporating cloud technology into CCTV.

Cloud CCTV is essential for complete theft prevention

Fortress says that because of the Internet, many thieves break down only the NVR equipment of CCTV I know that there are no more images left..
Cloud CCTV, however, can escape this risk because the video is sent directly from the CCTV to the server.
In addition, even in the event of a fire or natural disaster, all images are safely stored on the server until the camera itself becomes inoperable.

Cloud CCTV is also a device for intelligent image analysis

HSnet Cloud CCTV provides various business intelligence.

  1. Visitor coefficient (past number) check
  2. Partial screen count check
  3. Gender and age measurement of people in video
  4. Identify the movement of passengers in CCTV video

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